Petri dishes

Our dishes are made from transparent polystyrene and they are available in different diameters and heights, with triple ventilation (to promote gas exchange, ideal for short-term work) or without any ventilation.

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Construction quality

Our Our Petri dishes are produced with a high quality standard guaranteed by a fully automated vertical productive process, from the crystal polystyrene granule to a sealed and on-line marked package.
They are produced in an environment under controlled and aseptic conditions, also guaranteed by UVC bactericidal lamps.


We can supply the following types:


New types will be available soon

L-Spreaders for sowing

Sterilized L-Spreaders are indispensable accessories for the use of Petri dishes.
Our L-Spreaders are supplied in packs of 1 or 5 pieces.

Aseptic or sterilized?

Our production and packaging processes guarantee the asepticity of our Petri dishes.
Upon request, it is also possible to subject the dishes to a beta-ray sterilization process.

Petri Dishes: curiosities

Petri dish is a flat glass or plastic container, usually cylindrical shape; it is an important working tool in many fields of biology, for growing cell cultures and it allows to observe bacterial colonies with naked eye.
Its name comes from the German researcher and bacteriologist Julius Richard Petri who invented it in 1877.
They are ideal for routine work, bacteriological research and for use both individually and in automatic fillers; they have a perfectly flat, distortion-free and optically transparent culture surface.

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